Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your pricing and what does each option cover?

A: Group Classes: $90 for each six-week session. This includes instruction, weekly emails with tips, tricks, and reminders. Group classes also include an AKC Canine Good Citizen, AKC Community Canine, or AKC Star Puppy Test depending on the class you are in.

In-Person Private Lessons: $35 per session / per dog with a mileage charge of $1 per mile (round trip) if you need to meet outside of the Lowell city limits. Private lessons can cover a wide variety of issues and can be great to set you up for success with a new puppy, to start a new rescue dog's training, to get a jump start before a group class, or as a refresher for an experienced dog and handler duo and a host of other situations.

Virtual Private Lessons: $25 per session with payment due 24 hours ahead of your scheduled lesson time.

Equipment: While you are free to use any equipment on your dog that is both safe and effective I do have Herm Springer chain training collars available for purchase for $10 each if you feel it would be beneficial for your training.

Q: Where are you located?

A: Riverside is fairly mobile, but is based out of Lowell Michigan. We are willing to travel up to 30 miles outside of Lowell to provide private lessons. If we are out of your location range we offer virtual private lessons to meet the needs of those outside of our travel radius. We also have contacts with balanced trainers all across the state and are happy to help you get in touch with someone near you if a virtual option will not cut it! The bottom line is, we want what is best for you and your dog, even if we do not end up working together.

Q: What is "balanced training"?

A: Balanced training is an umbrella term used to describe dog training methods that use both positive and negative reinforcement. For us, we lean heavily into positive reinforcement when the dogs are getting used to a new skill and only bring in fair corrections when the disobedience is seen as wilful. For example, when we are starting with the recall skill we make it super fun and instill that positive drive for your dog to come when they are called. As time goes on and the dog understands the command they will be corrected if they ignore the recall command, but then praised as soon as they move in the right direction again.

Q: My dog is not comfortable around other dogs, is a group class a good idea?

A: Depending on the situation a group class could increase a dog's confidence around other dogs and allow them to work through some behavioral problems on their own. If you are aware of behavioral issues that flare up constantly when strange dogs are around a 1:1 private lesson is your best starting point. From there we can decide if a group class would be helpful or appropriate

Q: How can I keep my dog mentally stimulated without having to be actively playing or working with them?

A: Depending on your dog's diet and how much mental stimulation they need I suggest a slow feeder, or better yet, a puzzle toy/feeder. I have a list on Amazon.com that has a few options that are easily cleaned and can do wonders for stimulating your dog's mind. Click below to access the list, there are also some suggestions for equipment and toys on there too!