Free Training Documents

Why Free?

One of the main reasons Riverside was created was to offer affordable and effective dog training services to our community.

Whether you have already taken classes from us, considering working with us, or are just looking for some information on training. These guides, checklists, and games are free for anyone!

We have Pre-Puppy checklists to help prepare you for your new puppy, a game to help teach and improve your dog's recall, some general recommendations, and much more!

This page will always hold our updated documents and new guides are being created all the time. Keep checking back to see what is new, or if you have requests for other guides please let us know!

We are always available via email at or on Facebook!

Please note that these are all documents created by the Riverside Dog Training LLC staff, who continually consults with local veterinarians, but are not veterinarians themselves. Before you make any changes that could affect your dog's health please consult your veterinarian.