Puppy Obedience

For our sweet little ones between 8 weeks and 8 months old, we have a puppy class that was made available as of October 2020. In this class, we still work on the core foundations that we work on in our Beginner Obedience class, but the methods are made with developing puppy brains in mind. In this class, your puppy will learn how to walk calmly on leash, come when called, stay when told and how to behave in public. This class ends with an AKC Star Puppy Test being taken to show their progress. Click here to see the lesson plan for this class.

Beginner Obedience

Our Beginner Obedience class was the first class offered starting in June of 2019 and has been honed to perfection. This class is perfect for learning skills you will use in your everyday life. Main focuses include; walking on a loose leash, a reliable recall through distractions, leave it, stays, and general manners in many different settings. The class ends with an AKC CGC or AKC Puppy Star test for our week six class to show how far you have come! These tests are not only fun but they can come with added perks such as being a precursor to service work training, personal liability insurance breaks, and removed or reduced pet fees in a rental home, these are all subject to your rental and insurance agreement. Click here to see the lesson plan for this class.

Advanced Obedience

Following the popularity of the Beginner Obedience classes, an Advanced option was made available in October of 2019. In this class, we continue from where we left off in the Beginner Class. The distractions become tougher, the expectations are higher and the payoff is amazing! Here we work on building up to off leash control, traversing more challenging obstacles and distractions while tailoring the class to fit what the students want to work on. We have a general lesson plan we follow, but all is subject to change depending on the collective goals for the class. Click here to see the lesson plan for this class.

Private Lessons

Sometimes you do not need a full class, or you need some work to prep for an upcoming class and sometimes you just may like to work one on one. Whatever the case our Private Lessons can cover a wide variety of concerns from reactive behavior, being calmer at home or with certain distractions, how to start a brand new puppy on their training and so much more! This is a wonderful option for those with busy schedules or who just need a tune-up. Contact us by emailing to go over your concerns, schedule, and come up with a plan of action for your future Private Lesson.