Private Lessons

Focused training on your schedule!

We offer two types of private lessons, in-person or virtual. In-person private lessons can take place at a location of your choice and cover skills or concerns you are most interested in hands-on. In-person private lessons have a base rate of $35 not including any mileage/travel fees that may be applied. Virtual private lessons are $25 and require payment 24 hours ahead of the lesson time.

In-person private lessons work on a variety of concerns and can help you get a handle on issues quickly and on your schedule. They also are great options for those who already have started working with their dog on basic skills, but would like a second opinion or just a second pair of eyes to make sure they are on the right track! In-person lessons can take place in your home or in a neutral location depending on the concern looking to be addressed. We are able to travel up to a 30-mile radius from Lowell, Mi with a milage rate of $1 per mile (round trip) applied to travel outside of the Lowell city limits.

Virtual private lessons work well if driving to us, or having us drive to you, is not feasible or if you are looking to have specific questions answered instead of needing hands-on instruction. These are also great options if you will be adding a new dog to your family and want some guidance on what to expect or plan for when bringing a new dog into your life!

Most concerns raised in a private lesson can be covered in a single lesson, depending on your goal. This helps make private lessons an affordable and concise option if you have a specific concern that needs to be addressed.

Private lessons can cover a variety of topics including, but not limited to;

  • Walking on a loose leash

  • Attention with distractions

  • "Reactivity" concerns

  • Recall

  • Stay

  • Leave - it

  • Behavior with strangers

  • General Consultation

  • Pre-puppy guidance

To schedule an in-person or virtual private lesson email us at: